Review of The Sandz of Time Vol. 1 & 2 by BeachSloth

Dialect crafts a swirling psychedelic sound on the sheer force of nature that is “The Sandz of Time Volume 1 & 2”. Within this singular collection Dialect proves to be a crate-digger of the highest caliber sampling genres as diverse as spaghetti westerns, Mariachi bands, and deep-cut funk tracks. Stylistically his music brings together heavy-hitting dub basslines alongside some truly impressive beats that hit hard. Influences to his sound bring together roots dub reggae era Aswa, more recent contemporaries like Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, and the impeccable taste of DJ Screw. The delirious haze that washes over these tracks feels particularly potent. 

               “Acme” opens Volume 1 up with a tremendous mixture of classical meets hip-hop. Going into Coldcut’s territory with the old-school funk flex of “Pulp Fiktion” the song is a bit on the playful side. Tremendous dub techniques are utilized in a skillful way on the spacious “Dub Mariachi”. Disco-flavored pitch-shifts occur with such slyness, even showing off some scratching on “Brothea”. Gentle Latin folk filters into the mix on the dreamy-eyed melted grooves of “Cruze Tapes”. A cyclical hypnotic groove is stretched and warped beyond recognition on the trip of “ERWF”. Elements of electro and hip-hop merge into a singular whole as “Mocking” opts for a much more minimal approach. On “Kites” Dialect lets the samples flutter about in a spirited way. Clever sampling of the sitar results in the woven tapestry of “Sitar Trak”. The gritty electro vibes of “Foxxx” close out Volume 1. 

               Just the right amount of swagger defines “Confunk” and its wild, celebratory atmosphere setting Volume 2 up in a great way. Bass sits front and center as the track rolls through with a sense of triumph. Samples are torn asunder on the hyperkinetic “Fields” where a tremendous amount of energy pours out. With a distinctly psychedelic haze “Jim Jam” goes for a late 60s vibe as the song has a dreaminess to it. One of the highlights of Volume 2 comes in the form of “Loan”, a delightfully kaleidoscopic affair as bursts of color feel so wonderfully vivid. Sounding like a perfect fit for the Succession soundtrack is the classical hip-hop flair of “Seasonal” where Dialect lets the samples play off each other in a joyous way. Aptly named “The Lude” draws from DJ Screw’s pitched down, slowed down style. Elements of rave and funk merge together on the nimble “Run”. “Sparrows” features a jazz fusion spirit to it as it unfurls with such majesty. Neatly tying everything together is the classic cool of “War”. 

               “The Sandz of Time Volume 1 & 2” proves Dialect to be a master at creating his own musical language with tracks that linger in the mind.

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